Friday, August 21, 2009

Here be dragons... and squash.

The reading tonight went very well, with around 30 people in attendance. It was a lovely Pittsburgh summer evening, so the readings were held in our charming yard. The volunteer winter squash plant seems to have plans to cover the entire span of brickwork with its elephantine leaves, but until then, we'll have readings again and again.

Plans are still in the works to host a dragon art show some time in the middle of October. We're waiting on securing a certain middle-school-aged dragon-themed band to round out the evening and then we'll announce the date. Until then, start making some art about dragons already!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FLORIDA, visionary art

I hear the event on the 16th went well. Also, our shared booth with Morgan Cahn at the Visionary Arts festival must have been torn down a while ago. There is still a reading coming up on the 21st, but alas, I will still be selling posters to college kids so I can pay those bills (you know the ones). Right now, I'm in Tallahassee Florida. Nothing but orange juice and sunshine.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


August 21st, from 7-9pm the Cyberpunk Apocalypse will be holding a reading, featuring the work of Elwin Cotman, Brenda Battad, and Tokiea Fitzgerald.
There will be beverages, and it will be awesome.
@the Cyberpunk Apocalypse--5431 Carnegie Street, Pittsburgh PA 15201

(don't forget about our Journalism for Breakfast event on Aug 16th--see below)