Monday, May 30, 2011

Fleeting Pages for the win!

In case you haven't heard, Pittsburgh has been fortunate enough to have with us this month Fleeting Pages, a pop-up indie bookstore which has for the month taken the place of the old Borders Books in East Liberty. It has been a very exciting project, not just because it's been selling many small press books and zines but also because the literary people of Pittsburgh have stepped up to create lots of interesting events to utilize this otherwise abandoned space.

There have been many readings as well as workshops, meet-ups, and even a speed dating event. Our awesome visiting writer Eva has been volunteering there quite a bit. On Tuesday, May 31, we're hosting our two-year anniversary with a reading there. Residents past and present will be taking stage and wowing you with readings, storytelling, and at least one stand-up comedy routine. Maybe one of us will tattoo another one of us--- we haven't figured out the details yet.

It starts at 7 pm and is free to the public. If you like, show up an hour or so early and enjoy the Writers' Happy Hour being organized by some other writers in Pittsburgh. Also if you like, stay late and enjoy a poetry slam event organized by still more writers in Pittsburgh. Holy cow! That's a lot of enjoyment!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring time!

We rounded out April pretty nicely with two events in one week. The touring poets and our visiting writer Andy did a reading that was great and included some pretty fabulous food. The Lovecraft reading was spooky and featured a cake with black frosting and a goth soundtrack.

Seeds are sprouting in the yard, and we hope to have a lot of flowers and veggies growing in the garden this year. Our new visiting writer Eva is arriving today. We have friends who are neighbors, and neighbors who are friends.