Saturday, October 11, 2008


A huge model of the Santa Maria just rolled down Liberty Ave, outside the coffee-shop window where I am with a mock Christopher Columbus astride. Perhaps the slowness of this blog is like the quiet before a storm. All the elements are in the air. On Monday my sister will move into my little leaky flat with me. Yesterday I offered a man 8 thousand dollars for a mansion-turned apartment complex- turned shit-hole. Maybe it will turn into the cyberpunk apocalypse: a home base for an Idea.

Now a huge police vehicle with my small city's logo on on it above the words "MOVING COMMAND," is driving by. It is twice as wide and high as the firetruck following behind it. I assume it is in case all anarchy brakes out and the City leaders need to barricade themselves within.

I'm now reading about Sci-Fi in books by Disch and Asimov. Asimov for one seems to have ideas that are not unlike my own. He says that the most interesting thing about Sci-Fi is that since the industrial revolution science and technology has forced everyone--politicians, businessmen, factory workers--to take advances in science and technology and science into account as they plan for the future.
According to Asimov, everyone in the modern world has to think like a science fiction writer.
It's the nature of modern times.

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