Monday, June 7, 2010

Reading> 27th June, 7pm

The Book of Adam is about a book that never got written. It is about why it was never written, and the life and childhood that prevented Adam from writing it. Adam has manic-depression, and has lived through the madness of the mental health system. This is a book about life in exile, not from a country, but from anywhere that could be called home.

Adam Inczedy-Gombos and Asa Moberg fell in love while translating Simone de Beauvoir into Swedish. The Book of Adam documents their relationship, and the chaos let loose through Adam's condition.

Joel Duncan is translating Adams bok into English, and is Cyberpunk Apocalypse's resident writer for June. He will give a reading of excerpts from the book at the house on Sunday, June 27th at 7pm.

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poetmachine said...

New York City -> Pittsburgh

Newfangled wranglers
can I believe you, there
first things are

The ready portion of protection
state college
the long strip I live on

Give me meditate, no matter
and the return fully dressed
with the reality of interest

No one new across the plate steps
a thousand new plates, greeted wistfully
the new town of Appalachia