Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zine release party at the Big Idea!

Cyperpunk Apocalypse resident Artnoose invites you all to a double zine release party on Thursday, Aug. 26, 7-9 pm at the Big Idea Bookstore (504 S. Millvale @ Liberty).

Artnoose recently finished issue #85 of Ker-bloom!, a somewhat metaphorical look at relationships as constellations. It features a two-color cover which Artnoose has described as "one of the best covers ever" as well as "hecka hard to print."

Artnoose also managed to guest-draw issue #9 of local comic zine Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot!, which also happens to have "one of the best covers ever" and besides all that is "hecka cute."

There will be juice and elaborately decorated vegan cupcakes. This event is free to the public, although current and back issues of both zines will be available for purchase.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Call for readers!

We'll be hosting a touring writer in early October as part of the GenderEdge Tour, and we're looking for local folks to perform. It won't be a music show, but more like readings and other similar performances. We're looking for folks who identify as queer, genderqueer, trans, OR whose work addresses/challenges gender constructs. Please get in touch if you would like to perform. We'll post more about the final line-up and specifics a little closer to the event time.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Orange Kitty, resident mouser

We added a new resident to the back house, none other than Orange Kitty, otherwise known as Orange K., otherwise known as Chaton Orange, otherwise known as Gatita Anaranjada, otherwise known as Orange Kittaytay.

She's been mostly living up in the back house bedroom, getting used to her new surroundings. Yesterday she found some really good hiding places in the basement that we are not yet privy to. Today she went on a supervised jaunt through the first floor of the house to get used to things and hopefully get accustomed to the grounds of her new employment. Orange Kitty has a Facebook page.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

So much has been going on.

we've been very busy here. i'm sorry we kept you out of the loop. so busy that we haven't had time to replace this keyboard with the broken 'shift' key. we had a couple of big readings. bingo night. the ice cream social --did we talk about that?--, and we released issue 3 of the cyberpunk apocalypse publication.
at the same time elwin left for a second tour, dave moved in and did dry wall work while i've been drawing my comics and painting the houses.
we also got a cat--she's hiding right now.
there's a noise show tour kickoff here tonight. --flyer below--. and a paint day from 9am to 5pm tomorrow so come on down and help me cover this naked house.
everything has been good but it's hectic as all get out as i prepare to leave for a month to sell posters and bring home the bacon.
anyway i have some reading to do and then i'll be cleaning up for the show.
-be well.