Friday, April 1, 2011

Danny Mac: Works in the Works

Hey team. Things are bustling here at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse. The Visiting Writer room is booked through October. We're sorry to say goodbye to Donnah who set up a totally bad-ass performance of Henry V at the Darker Scratcher space, but we're excited about Andy who showed up this morning.
And so it goes. From project to project. I just
finished coloring my four page comic for Andromeda's upcoming color issue (left), and I'm collecting interviews about the beloved Brew House for an article that will be appearing in the first issue of Outpost Journal.
I'm looking for publishers for my novel while I send my new comic zine to distributors, and I'm working on a new serialized action comic called "Top of the Line" while working to get an online store set up at
While I'm working on this junk, Artnoose is making all kinds of sweet cards, and working through the new draft of her
Apocalyptic novel.
Fans of Grixley will be glad to know Nate McDonough has announced (amongst friends) that he's planing to start work on a graphic novel, which he'll undoubtedly do some work on when he moves into the Cyberpunk Apocalypse this August.

Watch out for upcoming events and updates on our work right here.


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