Friday, April 24, 2009

University of Pittsburgh Alumnus Reflects

It's finals week of the spring semester at the University of Pittsburgh, meaning that in a few days I will have graduated one full year ago from the institution in which I am sitting right now (I'm printing the Cp A publication on the spare printing pages of college students' semesterly quotas). I've been at this since 2 a.m. and it's 5 now. I feel that these are often the best times to reflect on your life--when you can feel the veins that lead from your optical cavity to your brain, when you forget how your hands are connected to your body and everything seems to float about everything else.
This past year has been the first year in my memorable life that I was not in school. And, believe it or no, I think I have gotten far more accomplished in these 12 months than any of those previous. Which means that, I may not have been talking out of my ass when I said school got in the way.

-I finally finished a draft of my novel.
-I bought two houses (at once)in order to start the writers' project I that I conceptually developed post graduation.
-Failed to get a sprout grant.
-Found roommates who rule, and write.
-With them (roommates) started hosting events and open hours at the house.
-I am printing and putting together my first magazine-like thing.
-I did almost all the illustrations for this mag
-I co-created most of a board game (man we need to finish that thing)
-I got a lot better at drawing comics (had a short run of 3 panels with the Pitt News, (they didn't know I was no longer a student) man that was no fun)

A lot of the stuff, admittedly, has to do with this project (like working on the website and this blog) and I got help on everything, but I had help before I graduated and I had other bizarre and far fetched ideas then too, but I always said that I would do it after college, or I didn't have time or something.

All I'm saying is: school's lame.

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