Thursday, April 16, 2009

Work at the Writer's Space


This morning Ross Sara and I sat around in the sun eating icecream made from frozen dumpster-bananas, and talking about the Cyberpunk Apocalypse. Within a week or so we sould have wifi here and our neighbor Chris is going to set up his desktop in the events-space as a public computer.

Once Artnoose gets the water working in the back house we'll move our kitchen, and once I get a new basement door we'll have a bike-room. So, once that happens there will be a real comfortable space for struggling writers to come, and be surrounded with people who are driven (just like them) are passionate (just like them) spend long hours working over old pieces on their computer until their not sure if the words even make a coherent sentence or convey any meaning (just like them).

In the mean-time here are some projects that are in the works:
-The website is getting re-vamped (who knows how long it will take, but it should be great). My friend Varun is being a great pall and offered his assistance.
-The final version of the first publication is being finalized for printing later this week. Billy is working his magic design skills around and producing some solid gold grey-scale shit.
-Once the publication is printed we hope to have a release party around May 15th, where we would sell a few copies and possibly have an art auction in conjunction with the release. So, we'll be looking for local artists willing to donate works that are inspired by the Cyberpunk Apocalypse (either in a funny or serious way) to be sold in order to help support the project.
-Ross is planing a 24hour movie marathon of movies about, or relating to writing later this month.
-Ross is also planing on selling raffle-tickets to see who will be allowed to cut his hair.
-Art Noose is having an awsome Lemonade week with a reading at the Carnegie library's main branch in Oakland (7pm TODAY thursday 4/16/09!!) that will climax with a Welcome Home Artnoose (vegan) Potluck at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse (5431 Carnegie St. @ 54th in Upper Lawrenceville) that starts at 8pm Sunday 4/19/09. She also recently finished the text for her newest issue of Ker-bloom!!
-Sara, mean while turned 24 today and is thinking about a stream-of-conciseness writing party, and trying to get Ross to learn enough 80s songs on the accordion that we can have an 80s night cyberpunk apocalypse style.
-Zoe is moving to Chicago come May 1st, and we already have a writer interested in moving in, which is exciting.

As you can see, there is a lot of stuff going on that we are very excited about, but hopefully this is just the beginning.

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