Saturday, February 20, 2010

Does anyone speak German?

When I came across this German blog talking about our house I suddenly wished I paid attention to Herr Wert in high school. I translated it in google docs and got this:

The Cyberpunk Apocalypse is indeed 'ne lame website, but the content of this is so exciting. I'll start 'views to the front, I'm lazy and copy times in here, what is Cyberpunk Apocalypse:

The Cyberpunk Apocalypse is a writers' cooperative work & event space, residency program, and publication based out of upper Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh PA

And how to get so 'ner apocalyptic story? Like this:

Last year, Mr. McCloskey, 22, bought two poorly insulated turn-of-the century clapboard houses for $ 41,000 in the Lawrenceville neighborhood there, and turned them into a writer's retreat he named the Apocalypse Cyberpunk Writer's Co-op (NY Times)

I add 'my grad' times before I buy 'The Cyberpunk community just two houses. Somewhere in Nowhere. As we meet, and from then on the weekends and stitch together cyborgs of human hair. Or something.

... But nothing is as 'n Hackerspace' s Oemmelen nerd dungeon, Or a mix of two things: thatCyberpunk Apocalypse - things that if you ask me. 'I Find Suppa. Especially when then come out here publications in which the articles have such great titles like A short rant on steampunk. Or: Cyberpunk Senior Thesis. You can 'ja sowas auch mal to tackle this: I'm writing a 44-page essay titled "Why in progress is not equal growth means and how to improve robot love the people."

Good right?

Check it out in the blog HERE.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Lukas the exchange student in Ktown ;)
Patt sent me that link and I'm nice so I will translate it =) I should say that this website ( searches for crazy and weird ideas, its writing style is pretty weird, and uses a very interesting collection of words xD I will try my best ;)

So the translation:
The website of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse looks pretty lame, but the content is really exciting. I will start with the beginning, and I'm lazy so I will just copy&paste the description of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse.

And how does someone get such a apocalyptic story? Like this:

I imagine it like this: I just buy two houses for the Cyberpunk Community. Somewhere in the nowhere. We will meet there on some weekends and we will stitch cyborgs made of human hair. Or something else. (*Yes, it is pretty weird, but that's what the author is talking about)

If you ask me. it's nothing else than a hackerspace, or a sloppy nerd-dungeon, or a mix between the two of them, this Cyberpunk Apocalypse thing. I think it's great. Especially if they have publications, which articles have names like A short rant on steampunk. Or: Cyberpunk Senior Thesis. Someone could also tackle this: I write a essay with the titel: Why believing in progress doesn't mean growth and how robot love improves the human.

Good, isn't it?

Crazy, this Apocalypse thing:

Chris said...

Hey guys,

I'm happy that you have visited my small (DokBlog)-Weblog!

(...laughing about the stupid Google-Translation-bot,right now ;)

I have nothing to add!..."anonymous" did a better job then the GoogleBot!

"it is pretty weird"'re so right, dude!

Another link, here:

It's the (german/european) Community (Cyberpunks, Artists, Autors, all of them are totaly wired!) i have talked about in my article. Feel free to visit and get a wired and transhuman experience there. Maybe.

Cheers from Cologne, Germany
Dok/Chris ...who is full of admiration for your project(s)!