Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tour and Balticon. Spring prep and Toil

Elwin has been busily working on setting up tour dates for his upcoming publication The Jack Daniels Sessions EP. After tour he'll be running off to Balticon to read and be on a panel.
I just finished up the cover (to the left) and am trying to get the next draft of my book into a few select hands by the end of next week.

Besides that I'll be putting some of Walker's goodbye reading online shortly. And get ready for my new mini interview series "why we write." It should be fun.

Gunner is organizing the library, and Nia and I are working on a plan to reinvigorate open hours this spring.

Art Noose is working to revise her novel, and our visiting writer Dan G will be doing a reading on radical sobriety on February 25th 7pm at 285 Main St.

Oh, and Elwin's Birthday is tomorrow. He'll be doing a B-day reading at the house on Friday 17 at 7pm.
Be there.

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