Saturday, January 16, 2010

Demo Reel + Statement

I managed yesterday morning to put together the briefest demo of selected video and sound works from 2009. Clips used are from "Non-Fiction" (neverending river of video), "Birthdays in the 21st Century," a collaborative effort with Sundog Peacehouse, and Hot Dirt 99 (a video and noise project with Ken Kaminski).

Norse mythology foretells a series of events called Ragnarok, which includes the death of major gods and other figures in a great battle, various natural disasters, and a global flooding, after which a new and fertile world emerges. Of course, this isn’t a new story - death and rebirth on the planetary scale occur in narrative traditions of cultures across the world.

As in apocalyptic prophesies told in various cultural traditions, my intent in both art and writing is to put myself and an audience in a space where the end of life as we know it impends - cause for a desperate celebration and evaluation of humanity.

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