Thursday, January 14, 2010

General Updates

Of course we are all excited about Brenda moving in. Brenda Battad has done readings with other members of the house before. Elwin has been working to schedule an east coast reading tour for his new book while I've been sketching out a rough cover design (right). The book is to be published by our friends at 6 Gallery Press and is an excellent collection of urban fantasy and black folk tale-inspired stories that are uniquely Elwin.
If anyone knows of great east coast book stores or literary venues that Elwin should make a point of putting on the tour, feel free to email us at cyberpunkapocalyse(at)

I'm also doing the layout for the next Cyberpunk Apocalypse issue (finally) as well as a short zine of erotic fiction stories that will be for sale at the reading we are setting up at Artist's Image Resource Center on Thursday the 11th (right before Valentine's day).

Don't forget to check out the reading at 225 Morewood Avenue. 7-9pm. Featuring Elwin Cotman (best reader in town, says small Nathan), Walker Mettling (our visiting writer (super cool dude)), and others.

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