Friday, January 29, 2010

The man doesn't seem to like writers.

If you know about the Cyberpunk Apocalypse, you probably know about the raid on our house during the G20 in Pittsburgh. If you keep up with Science Fiction, you may have heard about Dr. Peter Watts who was beaten and detained on the Canadian border. Most recently Gabriel Kuhn's inability to even book a flight for his American speaking tour has come to my attention. It had been our intention to help him set something up at one of Pittsburgh's fine Universities, but unfortunately the writer is on a list. And, in the world today it is important to stay off of lists. Read more about it on his blog.

On a brighter note, tomorrow Jan 30th is Walker's reading event!
Here's another teaser.

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Quietdown said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Daniel. As I may have mentioned, Google is just as much "the Man" as the other big G.

Here's Senor Doctorow sayin' he even likes the company, but... this time they've gone too far.

I say, as I have for years - Google can suck my toolbar.