Thursday, April 22, 2010

Elvin Slaughter part 1: wetting our blades

Our station wagon reeked faintly of Elvin blood as we cruised down I-78 last night with Dio in the tape-deck. It had been a rainy night in Philly so there was low attendance at the Wooden Shoe, but we gave our best performance and the collective members seemed to enjoy it.
Two nights previous was our first opportunity to read together at Bloombar's in DC and then we preformed back to back for the first time at Red Emma's in Baltimore. We're knee deep in this tour now, and we expect to kill tonight at Blind Willow Books.

We'll keep you posted.
In the meantime here's a clip of Elwin reading in Philly. More videos of us reading and the rest of this story can be found on our youtube channel.


quietdown said...

Whetting, yo. Have fun, amigos.

artnoose said...

...unless they're using a tile saw, I guess.