Sunday, April 11, 2010

James Jones

Cyberpunk Apocalypse Issue 3 is coming. To the right is an image I just put together to be coupled with Elwin's story.

The reading on the 9th was great. Peter Kusnic extrapolated from a brutal youtube video in order to create an emotionally dense story about a drag queen on her birthday.

Of course the Elvin Slaughter tour is creeping up, 500 posters are stacked in our living room waiting to be filled out and sent out.

I gave a talk at Parsec yesterday. If you haven't heard of Parsec, it is Pittsburgh's Premiere Science Fiction Organization For the promotion of literary Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and other Speculative Fictions--and you should check them out. Parsec has their hands full with an affiliated publication, a program for teen fiction writers, and Confluence the Pittsburgh sf convention.

These guys are into what I'm into, and have been doing in 10 times as long. Apparently sf writer's colonies were once a fairly common thing. Like the James Jones "Handy Writers' Colony" which seems to have ended in utter failure.

So let's toast all the folks that gave it a go, and continue our work in the cyberpunk apocalypse.

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