Friday, April 23, 2010

Kundiman & Friends Poetry Reading last week

...a success! I joined Soham Patel, Sally Mao, and Jenny Johnson in a reading featuring Jennifer Chang. The event was to benefit Kundiman, a collective of Asian-American poets that sponsors a poetry retreat and a reading series (more info on

Sally and Soham, joint organizers of the event, decided to hold the reading at Modern Formations, where Elwin held a reading a couple months ago. In addition to a raffle in which everyone won, they put together breathtakingly irresistible and delicious tea and soups.

Everyone was honestly a pleasure to read with. The atmosphere overall was warm, inviting, and other such friendly synonyms. Thanks Sally and Soham for putting this event together, thanks Jenny for being the best honorary Asian-American I've read with, and thanks Jen Chang for your and your poetry's existence!

(right to left: Brenda Battad, Jenny Johnson, Jennifer Chang, Soham Patel, and Sally Mao)

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