Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I got a lot of stuff done yesterday. Beyond what's on the list to the left, I had time to fix Sara's ride (using hacksaws and hammers on bikes is always a treat). Also went to Joedoe's show and went to the rope swing.

It was a good day.

I've got another couple leads on property that I'll need to look into. I need to work on URA loans for that, and draft the business plan. That's on the list for today. I'm looking for artists to talk to about revamping whatever space I get using found objects.

The board game is going really well. We're just tweaking the rules, but we should be going into production soon.

I'll be honest, the end of last week I was a little down. I thought that maybe I'd throw in the towel. I'm so new to realty, to business, to everything. I felt like I was bashing my face into walls just to find a door, and actually I still do. But, I think my face can take it, and the door's here somewhere--or else, I guess, I'll eventually wear a hole in the wall.


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