Thursday, August 14, 2008

5401 Harrison, You A Bitch

Members of the 5401 Harrison St. Flea Community were evicted today when three Real Estate Tycoons entered unlawfully just after noon...
We were covered in fleas within 30 seconds of entering an abandoned building three blocks from my house. Shoes and socks came off outside in the street; we spent 10 to 15 minutes picking fleas off our legs, shoes and clothing; and then found desperate cling-ons as we walked down Butler St. Dan caught two trying to climb inside him through his navel, I found one near my left nipple, and Sara found a few that switched rails when I put my arm around her and pretended we were dating.
Us boys, with our dangling boy parts (both circumsized and un-), talked briefly of our fear that a few determined fleas climbed our long, pale legs to hang out with our balls. And since no one has showered since the incident, there's a decent chance that our respective homes could soon be infested with jumping black parasites.
But I'm sure we'll be free of all unwanted creatures by the time we find and procure the physical site of Cyberpunk Apocalypse, even if we carry some of their transmitted diseases until they bury us poor, unpublished 'writers.'

Cyberpunkapocalyptically yours,

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