Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cyberpunk Apocalypse: the publication

Cyberpunk Apocalypse is putting together a quarterly publication! Feel free to submit your work for the very first issue.
All submissions may be e-mailed to with the word “submission” somewhere in the subject heading.

-ESSAYS: What is this space-time we live in? How is it different from other times and places? What does this mean for the immediate future? These are a few of the broad questions that essays in the Cyberpunk Apocalypse should strive to answer.

-INVENTIONS (preferably illustrated)--If you have an invention that you day dreamed up, and it seems do-able (by someone with more know-how perhaps) you can send it in. This is not for people who want to make money off royalties. This is for someone who just wants to get an idea out there into the world. Or if you have a cool little invention you made with house hold materials and you want to show it off, this is the place to do it..

-FICTION (both illustrated and unillustrated): Cyberpunk Apocalypse seeks short fiction that is both creative and modern. Sci-fi that takes place in the present or the very near future is welcome, as well as anything that is particularly in tune with the present or pushes the envelope.

-NONFICTION (both illustrated and unillustrated): We like DIY How To’s for our fellow citizens. Have advice for individuals who want to learn computer programming? Suggestions for people who want a garden but don’t have any land? Or have soil with lead in it? We also appreciate news items that affect people’s lives now and change the world we live in (however subtly).

If your are unsure whether your piece or idea is appropriate for the Cyberpunk Apocalypse publication, please use this short manifesto as your guide.

Cyberpunk Apocalypse: the manifesto for the publication
People who say, “The future is now” are stuck in the past, but their confusion is understandable. The world today is drastically different than the one into which we were born. Increased developments in technology, a shifting fuel economy, and a change in the way we view our very planet have quietly but absolutely altered our world. Everyone alive today has weathered two-thirds of an apocalypse, a turning of an age; one where information and ideas can travel instantly, relationships can be maintained across oceans, but one where transportation of physical objects is more and more costly. This is a place where creativity may be more valuable and necessary than money.

Cyberpunk Apocalypse is obsessed with the present, especially as it relates to the average citizens (middle-class, working-class, and under-privileged) of the apocalypse.

Cyberpunk Apocalypse is a forum in which we can discuss and reveal what this new space-time is. It is also a place to propose and discuss strategies for living in a new world.

It is a place for inventors without technical skills to meet engineers and programmers in search of fresh ideas.

Cyberpunk Apocalypse does its best to keep its personal opinions of what is good/bad to itself. Cyberpunk Apocalypse tries to maintain a practical and objective outlook; focusing on what is and what that means for the people now and in the immediate future.

Cyberpunk Apocalypse is the Work-as-you-Go guidebook to surviving and understanding “now.”

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