Sunday, August 3, 2008

To the North!

That property I was talking about in Polish Hill (the one that is owned by the woman next door to it) isn't going to work out. She just isn't ready to part with it, it seems. Also I illlooked at the inside of an old Deli. The people have done a lot of work to the place, and I would say it might be worth 30 (maybe 40) thousand at the current moment--they payed 10, and they're asking for 80. It looks like a meteor crashed into the basement (which i thought was cool, but still) and the top two floors were just wires and pipes (the opposite of usual, but once again still). In short they were shucking me, and Polish Hill is looking less and less likely for me.
On the plus side, Todd is totally in. He'll probably post on here soon, so you won't have to just count on me. Also we're looking at properties in the North Side, and there are a bunch of good leads. It's really exciting.

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Amanda said...

After I ran into you in Oakland last weekend, it took me a few days to remember the name of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse website. I've been reading through the website and the blog, and I'm totally enthused about this project. I'm glad things are moving along, if there's anything I can do from the DC end, let me know.