Friday, August 22, 2008

I haven't been getting a lot done for the project lately since I've been working a lot more than usual at the parking lot, and I'm building my friend Ross (a writer and a good guy) a bike.
The picture is of fish swimming around in the park in the North Side. Todd and I have looked around at properties in Garfield, Lawrenceville, North Side, Polish Hill, and Uptown. Now we have to go back through and contact owners and whatnot. At the same time I need to take care of my taxes so I can buy from the city, and go to a bank to see if I'm eligible for a URA low interest loan and to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Soon Todd should have the submission guidelines revised for cyberpunkapocalypse the publication and we can get that rolling. In the mean time I'm working on doing the drawing for the board game I'm doing with shakes, working on my comic, my novel, and tweaking Ross's bike.


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